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a content marketing studio

Welcome To sprig + ember

a content Marketing studio specializing in brand storytelling, marketing strategy, and Customer research

for organic, natural, and charitable brands



Love yourself. Love others. Stay human.

Simple rituals that inspire intentional, purposeful living from the inside out. A transparent living in which you can know who you are, be that person, and feel good about your imprint on the world. 

We believe the same holds true in business. You aren't selling to thoughtless cogs in a mass consumerist machine. You're meeting real people, with real lives, to build ongoing relationships based on shared values and trust. Marketing should feel good. Every step of the way.

Serving and selling with transparency takes guts. And your conscious heart beats clear. 

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Great marketing is simple, artful storytelling that feels good. And you have one hell of a story to tell.

A story that brings transparency to the products people use on their skin, in their bodies, or bring into their homes. One that recognizes a need in the world and strives to meet it.

Fulfilling your purpose and following your art? That's your time and energy worth spending. Creating great content that keeps your audience wanting more?

That's where I come in.


Why content?

content tells a story, and good stories grab you. they make you feel seen and understood, free to live without settling.